Possible New Songs



Music 7.16.17


Agnus Dei – Em


All Honor – Cm


All I  Have Is Christ – C


Around The Throne – Cm


Awakening – B♭


Bow Down (alternative) – Am


Come Thou Fount Come Thou King – C


Came To My Rescue – A♭


Captain – D


Christ Be All Around Me – G


For the Throne of God Above – C


For Your Name is Holy – Em


Forever and A Day -F


From Jerusalem – F


Gloria – Em


Good Good Father – F


Grace L


I Give Myself Away – E♭


Inner Court – Em


In Over My Head – B♭


King of My Heart – C


Let Go Now – Bm


Magnificent and Holy Melody – A♭

Magnificent and Holy Red Part – A♭

Magnificent and Holy Robert’s Part – A♭

Magnificent and Holy Blue Part – A♭


Majesty – Fm


O Church Arise – C


Praise The Lord His Glories Show – E♭


Rooftops – G


Sanctus Feister – F


Sinking Deep – F


Speak To Me – G


To God Be the Glory -F


To the Only God – F


Trisagion – E♭


What Only You Can Do – C


When I Survey the Wondrous Cross – F