Welcome to the Church of the Reconciler (COTR)! 

At COTR, we blend three streams into one river of worship. Our worship is Biblical, liturgical and Spirit-filled, ancient and modern, holy and joyful.

At the center of worship is the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) which we believe is the real presence of Christ. We believe the local church should be a community of intercession and worship, a place where we stand before God on behalf of others.

We encourage private, family and corporate prayer and worship. We encourage one another to believe in God’s healing power through Spirit led, faith filled sacramental prayer.

In a world lacking foundations we teach the truth in God’s word as it has been passed down from the apostles. Through pulpit ministries, Sunday School, Children’s programs and a variety of other venues, we hear the truth, and are challenged to live it out, impacting the world through the Kingdom of Christ.

Through various ministries at CCEC we gather together for mutual encouragement, that we may bear on another’s burdens and grown in our love for one another in union with Christ.

Our church is uniquely connected to the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (ICCEC) and in submission to it’s Bishops.

Our ministry goes beyond Sunday Services. We also have daily Eucharist, and Food Pantry every Tuesday. Explore our website to learn more about what we do!

We invite you to come visit, and experience our unique worship for yourself.

Service Times

Sunday Service: Sundays 10:00 am

Eucharist: Monday – Friday 12:00 pm

Food Pantry: Tuesdays 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Bible Study: Wednesdays 6:30 pm